Week 1 Black History Month – Introduction

During the introduction of the first week, the focus was on the recognition that Black history is an integral part of British history and that without that aspect, British history is incomplete and imbalanced. Marcus Garvey, Jamaica’s 1st National hero said “A people without a knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”. It was also emphasised that Black history and the Black perspective should be part of all aspects of learning throughout the year, not just in October.

The more the people of every ethnic group know about each others’ history, culture and lived experiences the greater the chance of developing mutual respect. To this end, the fellowship was set a BHM challenge – to share their experiences and thoughts about equal opportunity, prejudice and racism with others of their own ethnic group as well as with those from different ethnic groups. Speaking and sharing thoughts together and actively listening can be a catalyst to help eliminate racism.

Black History is British History. It’s all our history!

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