Min-Y-Don ~> A Pleasant Place For Everyone….Except Action Teamers

Hello Everyone this is another cheeky late update number 2!!

Action Team Rite-Of-Passage!

Every action teamer will tell you the same thing….if your question was what is the action team rite-of-passage they will tell you, Min-Y-Don! Then strangely to you their face change and twist and a shudder might crawl down their back…

You see all action teamers have this shared traumatic experience of this place Min-Y-Don.

I suppose I better tell you what it is now….


What is Min-Y-Don? And why do we go?

Min-Y-Don is a Christian Adventure Centre, infact it was one of the first to appear and now their are many! It’s usual everyday target audiences are schools (primary and secondary, even international pupils!) and families. Finally another target audience is BMS and they have been sending action teamers there since the dawn of time!

It is located in the south west of Wales in a place called Arthog, Gwynedd, right next to snowdonia national park.

And now the science behind why we went so when forming a new team a researcher named Bruce Tuckman named four main stages that a team travels through in order to obtain the desired last stage of the four.

The first stage is forming…

Forming is when you have just been dropped into this team and you want everything to go well so everyone steps on eggshells around eachother as a way to avoid any kind of conflict.

This moves onto the second stage storming and this stage essentially is when you get fed up of skitting around eachother and you argue or conflict arises and clashes appear!

The third stage norming is when your beginning  to find a equilibrium within the team you work through the conflict and bond over the problem solving.

Finally the last stage performing is pretty self explanatory it’s the stage where the group performs well and aren’t hiding behind polite personas but know eachothers weakness and strengths as a whole and as a individual. Aww!

So Min-Y-Don is essentially the place where all the masks come off and you must start dealing with the conflict rather than avoiding it! So they challenge us in all kinds of ways so we can storm norm and perform!


Team Thailand’s Experience!

We took a coach to Wales and some used it as an excuse to catch up on sleep!



We arrived and completed a low ropes activity we had to collect water in a bucket with containers that have holes in them, team work was needed to collect slot of water! We learnt in this activity our leaders were NOT our friends!

If you fell off and touched the ground they would spill some water out of our bucket like a lot!!

imageimage image


Credit for last 4 photos go to Ben Drabble!

Here are some miscellaneous pictures of some of the activities.

image image image image image image image

The last 3 pictures credit goes to Ben Drabble.

The most trying day had to have been right after this very long walk!

After spending the day walking we finally arrived back at min-y-don! We’d been previously tempted in the idea of spaghetti Bolognese, by our leaders.

We had our usual announcements before beginning, however I knew something didn’t sit right with me!

Of course my hunch was right they announced that not only were not getting spaghetti bolognese but we were also told to go to our rooms as we only had 10 mins to pack our sleeping bag and a change of underwear…

I’ll leave you hear in suspense please read on!!


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