‘Thai’me To Meet My Training Church (Belated Post 1)

Hello everybody!

After a period of silence I’d just like to add, it was for dramatic effect!! And not because I fell into extreme business!


Training Churches, Min – Y – Don Feasts, Tears and Super Powers!!



Training church : First Encounter!

Our Training church was Evesham Baptist and what a joy it was to go there! We were welcomed in to the home of some church members. Our hosts introduced us to an amazingly fun Dutch game called slojen!


You have to slide discs down the board into some holes which are worth different points! I’d love to say I was a pro and won…but I’d be telling a lie! Jamaiko took the lead and had a natural talent for it…I placed last but I still thoroughly enjoyed it!

We had a wonderful dinner there and then were dropped to the youth group ‘JAM’d in’. We had great fun playing games and competing in brain teasers, which the teens were confessingly a lot better at than us!

The next day we enjoyed a lie in while the boys went to a men’s breakfast. Which they enjoyed far too much! (They bragged about how good it was all day!)

We then embarked on a historical walk around Evesham where we walked on the many footpaths and learnt about a brave man called Simon De Montfort! We had a really fantastic time and a brilliant guide!!


Later that day we were given the opportunity to spend more chilled and relaxed time with the youth at a movie and pizza night! It was great and I’m quite ashamed to say it was my first time watching Disney’s Up! The movie captivated me and it’s definitely a movie is recommend!

On our last day, a lovely Sunday morning we awoke appropriately to get to church on time, as it was only our first weekend with our training church they didn’t expect a lot from us, which helped us to relax alot.

We were given a slot in the service to introduce ourselves to the church and say a little bit about what we were doing and why we are doing action teams! However we did this with a bit of a twist! The pastor Ed, realised that we knew eachother quite well and infact well enough to introduce eachother!! So that’s just what we did! It was a good success and we met and bonded with a lot of the church members!

From a late Nicola!!


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